My name is Nikhil.

I'm a 19 year old Turing Scholar at UT Austin.

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About Me

Hey! My name is Nikhil Ajjarapu. I'm a Turing Scholar at the University of Texas, Austin. I'm an officer in Texas Convergent and Freetail Hackers, as well as a member of the UT Austin Varsity Debate team. In my free time, I love playing tennis, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Please feel free to contact me at nikhil.ajjarapu@utexas.edu or (650) 713-6689 with any inquiries or opportunities!


60 Seconds
60 Seconds is an iOS and messaging app that calls you daily at 9 PM and asks you to record a 60 second description of what happened that day - essentially an online journal. In an iOS app, it allows you to access all past recordings, along with a rating of whether you were happy or not, which it generates using machine learning and sentiment analysis. Won first place at BaseHacks.

A messaging service that analyzes a combination of images or text through machine learning and natural language processing to diagnose and return a disease. Implemented location analysis, translation, nearest doctor and more. Intended for third-world countries, where poverty is widespread but technology is cheap and widespread. Won Grand Prize of $1000 at Synopsys Science Fair 2017.

ScanNShop scans a barcode from a product, checks its price and scans a credit card to purchase the good. It stores items ready to buy in a cart, ready to buy whenever the consumer is ready. Built through primarily Android Studio and Java, along with help from multiple APIs such as the Walmart Open API and the PayPal API to assist the function of the app.

An algorithm that predicts the costs of a natural disaster from satellite images of the disaster. Built with Python and utilizes several APIs (including NASA's satellite imagery API) Uses machine learning to estimate the cost through a two-step process with 94% accuracy rate. Won 3 awards at the regional level of Synopsys Science Fair 2016.